Friday, June 14, 2013

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Theme of the Month for July 2013: Waltzes

Our first democratically-elected Theme of the Month is: Waltzes. For those who are interested, here's how the votes break down:

Stephen Foster: 7 (19%)
Appalachian: 9 (25%)
Waltzes: 18 (50%)
Summer: 2 (5%)

If you were pulling for one of the other categories, don't worry: we'll give them another chance later on!

For the moment, though, we need some tunes to choose between. Please nominate your favorite waltz, either by posting your thoughts here, or by e-mailing your choice to us at For this month, please nominate tunes that are playable on a two-key diatonic 'harp -- we'll go for something more chromatic next month!

Beginning next week we'll vote on the four tunes that have been nominated by the most people. If no two people pick the same tune, I'll just have to draw them out of a hat.

Nominations are now closed. The most-suggested four tunes are in the poll in the upper right: please vote for your favorite! Here are all of the suggestions:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Posting Audio-Only Recordings

NEW: Send your recording to us at and we'll create a YouTube video for you to use!

If you aren't able to make a video recording, or don't feel comfortable with it, audio is great too! Here are some free and easy ways to do this, in order of preference:

1) Create an "audio-only" YouTube video. You can use Windows Movie Maker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac) to create a video with that plays a sound file that you supply, with a stationary image that you choose as the background. This allows others to find your recording just like any other YouTube video, and we can add it to the official TOTM playlist. This site has detailed instructions on how to do this.

2) Upload to SoundCloud or DropBox. You can put a sound file in your DropBox public folder, or upload it to your SoundCloud account, then post a link to the group. The link will only work as long as you leave the recording where you originally uploaded it, and other people will not be able to find it unless you give them the link, but it is an easy and fast way to share your recordings.