Sunday, July 14, 2013

Theme of the Month for August 2013: Show Tunes

Jazz standards: 4 (16%)
Classical music: 6 (27%)
Jewish tunes: 4 (18%)
Show tunes: 8 (36%)

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner for August's chromatipalooza: show tunes it is! Please nominate your favorite chromatic show tune, either by posting your suggestion below or by e-mailing it to We'll start the voting in a week.

Nominated Tunes:

Getting to Know You
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Poll: Theme of the Month for August 2013

Most of the time here at TOTM we try to keep the tunes diatonic-friendly, but a few times a year it's good to have an opportunity to go all-out chromatic, too. This August will be our first chromatic tune of the month! The choices are:

  • Jazz standards
  • Classical music
  • Jewish tunes
  • Show tunes

Please vote on one of these possible themes using the poll in the upper right, and share your ideas for your favorite tunes to go with your chosen theme. Remember that nominated tunes should require a chromatic 'harp to qualify for August's theme. As the suggestions come in, I'll list them below.

Monday, July 1, 2013

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Month Theme Tune
June 2013 Star of the County Down
July 2013 Waltzes Tennessee Waltz
August 2013 Show Tunes Summertime

Tune Suggestions

It's a shame we can't have 10 tunes of the month every month so that we could all have the chance to play every fantastic nominated tune. Here is a list of all the tunes that have been suggested but not picked yet. If you find one you like, please suggest it so we can get it back into the running for a future month!

Amelia's Waltz (audio)
Anna's Waltz (audio - thanks to Karen Torell Hoffman!)
Getting to Know You
The Hills of Lorne (video)
Dreamer's Waltz (video)
Leaving Lismore (video)
(Somewhere) Over the Rainbow Runner-up for August 2013
Planxty Irwin (video) Runner-up for July 2013
Seamus O'Brien Waltz (video)
Tombigbee Waltz (video 1video 2)
Waltz Across Texas (video)

Tune of the Month for July 2013: Tennessee Waltz

This month's tune is Tennessee Waltz, written in 1946 by Redd Steward (lyrics) and Pee Wee King (music), made famous by Patti Page's 1950 recording.

Here is some sheet music in a few different keys/versions to start you off!

Chromatic in C
Chromatic in D
Diatonic in C
Diatonic in D

The YouTube playlist of submitted videos is here.