Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome to the Autoharp Tune of the Month Site!

The goal of the tune-of-the-month (TOTM) project is to learn new tunes, pick up new ideas and techniques, and be inspired! Each month we'll choose a new tune together; the idea is to learn this tune if you don't already know it, record yourself playing it, and post it back to this site some time during the month so everyone can learn from each other.

The best way to participate is by recording a video and posting it on YouTube with the tag "AutoharpTOTM". This makes it possible for everyone to see exactly how you're playing, and also for those unfamiliar to the autoharp to find your video on YouTube and be won over by it! If you'd like to participate but are unable or would rather not record a video, some alternative suggestions are here.

Some folks may be taking a personal risk by putting their playing on the line like this, so let's all please be kind and supportive, providing critiques only when specifically asked.

To join us in the current tune, click the link "This month's TOTM" in the Quick Links menu on the right. You can also vote on next month's theme or tune.

We can't wait to see and hear what everyone comes up with! If you have any questions about TOTM, feel free to contact us at